This is the first attempt at integrating all the parts together...

Assembly/test-fit-1.jpg assembly/test-fit-2.jpg

The big red hand wheel is the on /off switch. It's been greased and no longer squeaks. Everything came together as expected, but it is fairly tight around the centre section where all the main components come together. The integrating sphere will be bolted together during production. All approximately 600mm high, it looks taller in real life than expected. A CAD model just does not convey size convincingly.

And the wiring is on going...


Thing is, there's a lot of white wires that confusingly all look the same. Perhaps a different strategy might be used in the future on another white integrating sphere. The connection for the external LED dropper resistor can be seen on the extreme LHS at the end of the horizontal copper tubes. The RHS circular feature is the mounting for the thermometer and photo resistor measuring point. A multi meter can be plugged into 4mm banana sockets to measure the resistance, and therefore indirectly the light level inside the integrating sphere.

The power supply has been tested using a 13.8V general PSU without incident (no serious fires). "It's alive!"

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