Now that Dom's a little older and much, much wiser, he's had some more PR photographs taken. We felt that as he's the front man (as it were) for the whole ReallyReallyRandom operation, some publicity would be appropriate. Doubly blessed with wisdom that King Solomon would kill for, and looks making George Hamilton a pale imitation, global Dom-ination cannot be far away.

The following is a candid taken on location for Pussy Penthouse Magazine. Mr. November or what? Dominic/playfull.JPG

This was taken for the cover of Rat & Mouse Magazine ...


And to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 63 year reign, Dom has released this latest portrait ...


Dom at Christmas opening his prezzies. Amongst his many presents, he received a can of tuna and a paper copy of the CIA World Factbook to help with his plans for global Dom-ination.


Post Christmas blues, with Dom suffering a bought of weltschmerz when he dwells on the global erosion of topsoil and the existential danger of a technological singularity.


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