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This is the first layer of paper mache drying. Paul uses only the highest quality Guardian newspaper and PVA glue (with a little water to thin it). There will be several layers to strengthen the polystyrene hemispheres, and to attach them securely to the rest of the structure. The ribs at quarter points are for structural purposes to help with the connection to the flanges. They're scroll sawed from 20mm polystyrene sheet, to profiles determined from the CAD drawing. They were then glued on with solvent free grab adhesive.

Integrating Sphere/paper-mache.JPG

These two views better illustrate the relationship between the bottom hemisphere, the flanges and the access port at the base. The M6 rod for the camera mount can be seen dead centre within the sphere. The white 20mm conduit passing through the poly clamp can also be seen. The camera wiring will pass through this tube.

Whilst the inside of the integrating sphere appears white, this test shows that light can leak out through the semi - opaque polystyrene. Several coats of white paint will be applied to the inside to improve reflectance. It is unlikely that a perfect Lambertian surface can be achieved, but we can hope. 200 - 300 coats should do it.

Integrating Sphere/flanges.JPG

Integrating Sphere/inside-photonic.JPG

The fully paper mached integrating sphere with the the two halves bolted together.

Integrating Sphere/integrating-sphere1.jpg

Integrating Sphere/integrating-sphere2.jpg

Access to the inside of the integrating sphere will be though this port and junction box. Various instruments and things will be connected to the junction box, as is the fate of all junction boxes.

Integrating Sphere/port.jpg

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