There are three or four areas that require monitoring and /or adjustment.

  1. The temperature within the integrating sphere
  2. The value of the light dependant resistor to monitor illumination levels
  3. Adjustment of the series resistor that controls the LED generating the illumination
  4. There will also be some sort of a visual ON indicator, which may be the transparent plastic cylinder on the right of the image. Safety is paramount and nobody wants to put their paw into a running integrating sphere.

Monitoring Instruments/controls.jpg

This is some more (very slow) progress on the instrumentation pod, shown below. The rectangular recess in the middle is for a thermometer. This is required to access the performance of the CMOS sensor at various temperatures. We expect a 7 degree Celsius temperature change above ambient as the web cam warms up. This should lead to increased noise levels. Temperature effects are a critical component of true random number generators as the generated entropy will change, thus having a possible detrimental effect on the output. We have a cunning yet simple plan as to how to mitigate this effect.

Monitoring Instruments/instrumentation-pod.jpg

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