Everything needs food, and the Photonic Instrument is no exception. Volts. 5 Volts. When applied, the web cam takes about 15 seconds to boot and become operational.

Photonic PSU/voltage-regulator.jpg

Photonic PSU/voltage-regulator-2.JPG

Nothing remarkable here, just a standard 1A 7805 linear regulator on a heat sink. Additional heat shedding is provided by the full width copper cooling coil. The instrument will get it's bulk power from a regulated 13.8V power supply. Notably though, there is the fluidic inductor, which is the yellowy green component containing a magnetic smoothing bubble for further ripple suppression. This effectively acts as a large hydraulic ferrite bead providing an additional 35dB common mode rejection.

There are no indicator lights as there will be a dedicated full instrument ON indicator.

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