One of the trickiest parts of the Photonic design was how to attach the polystyrene integration sphere to the rest of the instrument, especially the wiring port for the electronics. Delicate 20mm thick polystyrene spheres and flat 18mm MDF do not easily fit together. The solution was a clamp made from a plastic screw lid. The lid will be glued and bolted to the MDF, with a support rod for the camera and a length of 20mm plastic conduit passing though, as:

poly Clamp/poly-clamp.JPG

A circular wooden plate will then be screwed down over the sphere from the inside to hold it. This will only be temporary until the joint is fully paper mached. Adhesion will then suffice. The eight silver inserts around the red lid are M6 screw inserts for connecting the clamp to the next level of the support structure.

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