We host this site from our command centre in Birmingham, England, near Europe. We dare not be any more specific as missile lock could be attained. The entrance is through what is cunningly and convincingly disguised as a small inexpensive garden shed. It features a state of the art hardened underground data centre. The Chaos Device is situated here in an air conditioned vault with redundant power supplies, multiple T1 connections and spare lubricating oil.

Our team has Brobdingnagian experience in software development, system administration and camping. You can assuage your concerns regarding our provisioning of random numbers. We know what we are doing. Really. If you still have doubts, we will make available on this site quality metrics, and sample bulk random numbers in order to satisfy yourselves. Please feel free to subject them to any tests you think are appropriate to enhance your calm. Wikipedia can help you.

The hardware[1] comprising the Chaos Device will be all open source, as will all the software[2]. We are strong proponents of the open source movement.

This wiki, if anyone is interested is powered by a thing called JSPWiki. It's a good fit with our core Java competencies and is not too onerous on the bandwidth. It has enough features to allow content management without overloading the user experience with loads of 'pretty' graphics and CSS /Ajax /XHTML5.8 /JSON stuff. No database is required as all of the content is stored as plain files within a file system. This facilitates very straight forward backup without having to resort to exporting database tables. It also neatly slots into Tomcat which runs the whole show.

You will notice that there is no database product listed for the random numbers either. As per our principles, no random numbers are stored permanently.

If we've still not convinced you to use this service, here are some alternative sources of randomness and chaos. Some were found on the internet called 'Chaos Device" and others are self evident...

This one's obvious...
And this is a double pendulum exhibiting chaotic behaviour...

[#2] Software

[#1] Hardware

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