Helen is a master system administrator, IT consultant and sorts out all those tricky issues that plague large projects such as REALLYREALLYRANDOM. If you ask her nicely.

Paul does most of the development and generally performs the grunt work. In addition to the Herculean task of building the Chaos Device and getting it on line, Paul's also working in his laboratory on perfecting the cold hot dog.

Dom (Dominic! when he's been bad). The third, and most crucial member of the crack team. Looks thick laid on a speaker cover that he's just pulled off. He is in fact, secretly the controlling intelligence behind REALLYREALLYRANDOM. Dom's already planning his next strategic moves in the geopolitical game. “Err, um...”

We can all be contacted via email if you feel the need. Please feel it. All opinions are welcome.

We apologize again for having to suspend the comments functionality.

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