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I like the steampunk look.

-Don M., 11 November, 2019.

the ideas stupid. if you dont trust a random generator why trust your dc/dc reg. or your computer.

-X. E., 31 June, 2019.

We say: Well yes, DC-DC converters are pretty complex these days, and may even include a micro controller. But all they output is volts. Steady (hopefully) volts. You can prove this to yourself with a multimeter or in even greater detail with a cheap oscilloscope. And one of our core principles is using lots of volts. Typically 30V for a 24V Zener diode. So even if there are tiny NSA agents hiding inside your dc converter, their 100mV coded output is totally subsumed by the ~1V avalanche noise from the diode . Or use linear regulators if you want.

This is one of the most valuable security sites on the Internet. Why is that? Whitfield Diffie said that if you can generate random numbers, you can have a private conversation. This gets straight to the point about what is really important in information security. This website is remarkable in that the author has the vision to see what is really important: for the end user to generate his or her own random numbers, and this is the basis for real security–passwords, symmetric keys, key passphrases, etc.

-Dave. 21 June, 2019.