Null Gamma Device

The Null Gamma Device, a camera based entropy source capable of generating 20 Mbits/s.

The Null Gamma Device. (Provisional CAD visualisation.)

The Null Gamma Device (∅γ) is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ camera based successor to our Photonic Instrument. The device works perfectly and it’s on-line output is available here. It stands 510 mm high. There is also a biased random walk of the output entropy here. It’s just currently missing a case, hence no final photos yet.

The Null Gamma Device running at night.

Completed Null Gamma running at night.

With no particular ego, Null Gamma is the fastest non commercial/non laboratory entropy source we’ve seen anywhere. It can manage ~20 Mbits/s, producing entropy with a min. entropy (quality) of 7.9 bits/byte that’s proven to be IID. And with the following distribution:-

Output entropy distribution from the Null Gamma Device.

Null Gamma's entropy distribution.

We’d love to hear of any faster amateur device please.