What's new?

30 December, 2020

An entropy analysis of our covert Type 3 cryptography kit (Mata Hari). We obtain 7.9 bits/byte $(\text{bias}, \epsilon = 2^{-9.5})$ of entropy at a rate of 4.4 kbits/s.

21 November, 2020

See what Zener diodes look like on the inside.

10 November, 2020

Some initial mechanical details of our Null Gamma Device. The four component entropy source produces a signal spanning 4.7 bits of binary range.

8 October, 2020

Analysis of the latest NIST 800-90B entropy measurement suite @ GitHub. And read about UK’s GCHQ training presentation for new covert operatives (29 MB).

A critique of the ent program vis-à-vis entropy measurement.

13 September, 2020

Electrical details of our covert Type 3 cryptography kit (Mata Hari).

9 September, 2020

An overview of our covert Type 3 cryptography kit (Mata Hari).

26 August, 2020

A response to a long OTP question and some cock-ups, including a cryptographic assessment of FinalCrypt.

14 August, 2020

A treatise on real Truth and pseudo-truth wrt TRNGs and cryptography.

27 July, 2020

The Null Gamma Device is now on stream, with live entropy and a random walk.

2 May, 2020

Testing of our independent and novel IID tests, and how to monitor the slow test’s progress.


A shed load of stuff.