Download & Run

Source code is available at GitHub here, but a precompiled JAR file is in the Downloads below. Our PGP key is here to verify.

    Call as:  java -jar ent3000.jar [options] [input-file]

    Options:     --help   Print this message.  
    input-file:           The file of binary samples to be tested.  
                          If no input file is supplied, an internal 
                          native CSPRNG will be tested.

It produces output as, (for an internal CSPRNG):-

ent3000 starting...
--help option to display this help.      
Testing internal native CSPRNG.
Testing 400000 bytes.
Sane sample file. Good.
Entropy,         p = 0.963,    PASS.  
Compression,     p = 0.163,    PASS.  
Chi,             p = 0.683,    PASS.  
Mean,            p = 0.888,    PASS.  
Pi,              p = 0.123,    PASS.  
UnCorrelation,   p = 0.646,    PASS.